Lady Daphne Boucher resides at Thrivington Hall with her  faithful butler Scribbins and newly employed maid Lizzie Crawford, who turns out to be the complete opposite to her glowing references.  A string of jewellery  thefts prompts Lady Boucher to create a fictitious holiday  to Italy  with Scribbins rather than going away leaving the property empty even though her jewellery is secure in the safe hidden behind a picture.  Lizzie has been placed at the Vicarage for a week of spring cleaning.  Thrivington Hall does fall victim to the next jewellery theft and with the death of Alice Derbyshire, Inspector Warwick finds he has a growing puzzle to solve, with help from an unexpected source. The culprits are caught and true love is found.

Produced and Directed by


10 and 11 April 2015

COLIN BARROW, AUTHOR, posted comment on our Facebook page “The pictures look great and love the set … Everyone looks good in character and seem to be having a great time. Well done to you all.”