Clutching at Straws

Lady Celia Tinnion, head of Tinnion Industries, is considering handing over control to her niece, Julia. Before plans are finalised,  Julia announces her engagement and Lady Tinnion insists on meeting her fiancé to ensure he is not a gold-digger. Obsequious family solicitor Damian Pickering is in attendance, anxious to draw up the correct paperwork at the earliest opportunity.

Though no gold-digger, Julia’s intended, the socially gauche and inept  Obadiah would never pass muster with Lady Celia.  Thus Julia, assisted by old school friends, Pippa and voracious Lottie, hatch a plan involving  Pippa’s brother Rollo but then Obadiah dumps Julia and another plan is called for involving Lottie and Rollo.  

The situation is complicated further  by the presence of a couple thought to be replacements for Lady Tinnion’s soon-to-retire domestic staff, Mr and Mrs Barge, but who erroneously believe that they have come to spend the weekend at a swinger club, and the hysterics of district nurse Stella Wilson.  


  T.A.D.S. were thrilled that author GEOFF BAMBER and his wife, Pat, took   time out from their visit south to come and watch the  production and spend time with the Cast.  

10/11 July 2015

Produced and Directed by  PAULINE HOLMES