Written and Directed by PAULINE HOLMES

Musical Director: GARY UPTON            

9/10 December 2016



The Evil Destroyer with the aid of his Dalek, tries to stop Father Christmas from leaving Planet Presents hoping the Dr will come to the rescue so he can overthrow him and become Ruler of the World.  The Dr with his Assistant Yo-Yo and with the aid of Fairy Glitter and Fairy Lights, travel in the  S.N.O.T. Machine and meet up with  Dame Flora Frost, and her son, Jack, together with Bauble and Tinsel and Cupid the reindeer. So all is not lost and hopefully Christmas will be saved.

Great production. The whole group really enjoyed themselves

It was a brilliant evening for children of all ages - thanks so much TADS!

What a great start to Christmas.  The performance was just great. Loved the bright and well designed costumes.

What a lot of fun we all had. Thank you to everyone involved

Well done everyone, you were fabulous and all stars

We all had a great time and we could tell how much work had gone into producing this lovely Panto.