When famous crime writer Jack Cameron and his wife Susie drown in a boating accident, they are refused entry into heaven - Jack is a card-carrying atheist - so they return to haunt the country cottage where they lived.  Life is dull and their only pleasure is in spooking the Estate Agent who shows prospective tenants around. Eventually the cottage is let to a young couple, Simon, an aspiring crime writer, and Flic, his wife. Inevitably Susie and Jack become drawn into their lives and whilst Simon has writer’s block, Marcia, Flic’s monstrous mother, is doing her best to separate them.

With no hope of success, Susie calls up her Guardian Angel. She tells Jack he can help  Simon write his book but by an unorthodox method which causes moments of utter confusion.

Christmas arrives, so does a snowstorm, together with a precious gift. Then comes a moment of crisis and Jack finds himself doing something that no card-carrying atheist would ever admit to.

But will it help …?

6/7 JULY 2018

Produced and Directed by

Pauline Holmes