Our Sleeping Beauty follows the original story with seven Good Fairies and Fairy Nightshade who has gone over to the other side. Only the Good Fairies have been invited to the naming ceremony by King Cad and Queen Kitty Cad of their newborn daughter, Princess Rose. As the Good Fairies bestow their gifts, Fairy Nightshade arrives and casts her spell of death by pricking her finger on a spinnng wheel. The Chief Fairy changes this to falling asleep for 100 years only to be woken by a kiss from a Prince.

Nurse Nanny Knoo cares for the Princess Rose with the help of Knud, the dogsbody around the Palace. Wigarna, a soothsayer and mystic, foretells of events and helps everyone, including the audience, to time travel forward the 100 years, without anyone looking any older!

Prince Perceval breaks through the rose hedge and saves the Princess and all ends happily in a wedding.

SATURDAY 8th and 15th DECEMBER 2018     

Director and Producer  -   PAULINE HOLMES

Musical Director           -   BARNEY MILNER